• Electric crane with push button type for up & down and forward & backward direction for loading and unloading printing roller, material roll and finished roll.
  • Unwind and rewind by using automatic tension control.
  • Operation for main motor and in & out-feed is controlled by line speed synchronous motion driving system.
  • Hydraulic manual and automatic type auto-locking device.
  • Double-axe center unwinding system, automatic edge position control (EPC) and 10KG tension magnetic powder brake.
  • Equipped PLC with touch type human machine interface (HMI).
  • Dynamic balance adjustment.
  • Self-lubricating bearing bush for printing roller.
  • 1000 type corona treater with ozone exhaust (5 KW).
  • Single-chip advanced print inspection system (for reverse side printing).
  • Single-chip advanced print inspection system (for front printing).
Model Kinds of Web Max. Web Width Max. Printing Width Printing Color Printing Speed Machine Speed
AV-60100BNW-A  Woven bag / Heavy duty LDPE 1020mm 980mm 6+0 / 5+1 / 4+2 / 3+3 6+0: 20~120 M/min
5+1 / 4+2 / 3+3: 20~100 M/min
120 M/min
  • Specifications subject to change without notice.