PS85, PS100


Materials to be applied: PE, PP, PS, ABS, Film, Bottle, and Sheet.



  • Crushing, extrusion and pelletizing three-in-one system can save space, reduce energy consumption, and lessen labor costs.
  • Vent on the Barrel to evaporate the volatiles from the Recycle Material.
  • Die Face water-cooling for easy operation.
  • Conveyor material loader provides a safe working environment.
  • The Vertical Centrifuges separate and dry the Pellets faster.
  • Pressure gauge meter display to maintain good production and operator safety.
  • Second extruder
  • Magnetic Metal detector (Made in Germany),
  • Water Cooling Tower
  • Vacuum Pump, Chiller
  • Non-Stop Screen Changer
  • Vibratory Sorting Machine
  • Nip Roll Device
Model Max. Output Extruder Main Motor Sub-Extruder Motor Side-Feeding
PS85 200Kg/Hr 60HP + AC Inverter 25HP + AC Inverter 7.5HP
PS100 350Kg/Hr 100HP + AC Inverter 40HP + AC Inverter 10HP
  • Specifications subject to change without notice.