• Precisely grinded and coated Central Impression drum.
  • Dual Wall drum design with water cooling system to ensure material is smoothly transported and precisely printed.
  • 80mm heavy duty cast metal fram provides a very steady and vibration free foundation for excellent job.
  • Fine printing adjustment device to ensure printing accuracy at each printing station.
  • Feed in and out tension control system with synchronized motion control ensures constant tension during printing.
  • Specially designed drying tunnel with blower ensures drying of ink during high speed operation.
  • PLC control system with full color user friendly HMI.
  • Full servo system with PLC memory module Auto-printing control system can be added to achieve high level automation.
  • Quick Change over Sleeve System.
  • Camera Inspection System
Model Printing Width Film Width Repeat Length Printing Speed  Machine Speed
CI-660 580mm 620mm 330-890mm 20~300M/min 250M/min
CI-680  780mm 820mm 330-890mm 20~300M/min 250M/min
CI6100  980mm 1020mm 330-890mm 20~300M/min 250M/min
CI-6125 1230mm 1270mm 330-890mm 20~300M/min 250M/min
CI-6150 1480mm 1520mm 330-890mm 20~300M/min 250M/min
CI-6160 1580mm 1620mm 330-890mm 20~300M/min 250M/min
  • Specifications subject to change without notice.