• Horizontal Oscillating Haul off with PLC control.
  • Teflon Rolls, Remote control motorized open/close, up/down Bubble Cage.
  • Bimetallic barrel with replaceable groove section and cooling jacket.
  • Melt pressure/temperature probes and display Include rapture disk.
  • 450mm A/B/C three layer IBC Ready Die and Air Ring.
  • Automatic Magazine winding shaft loading, Back-to-Back Surface Winder, with loadcell and PLC control and slitting and edge open knives.
  • IBC & automatic width control and Blower.
  • Chiller and Chill Air Box for IBC and Air Ring.
  • Gravimetric blender dosing system.
  • Yield control management system.
  • Real Time Thickness measurement system.
    • BF-A A-Frame thickness measurement system.
    • BF-E edge thickness measurement system.
    • BF-S scanner thickness measurement system.
  • Automatic Profile thickness control Air Ring.
  • PIB Gear Pumps.
Model Suitable Material A/B/C Screw Dia. Max. Film Width Max. Output Screw L/D Ratio Main Motor (w/inverter)
CE55/65/55TT HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE/MLLDPE A: Ø55/ B: Ø65/ C: Ø55 1600mm 300Kg/Hr A: 30:1/ B: 30:1/ C: 30:1 A: 40HP/ B: 60HP/ C: 40HP
CE55/90/55TT HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE/MLLDPE A: Ø55/ B: Ø90/ C: Ø55 2000mm  400Kg/Hr A: 30:1/ B: 30:1/ C: 30:1 A: 40HP/ B: 150HP/ C: 40HP
CE65/90/65TT HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE/MLLDPE A: Ø65/ B: Ø90/ C: Ø65 3000mm  500Kg/Hr A: 30:1/ B: 30:1/ C: 30:1 A: 75HP/ B: 150HP/ C:75HP
  • Specifications subject to change without notice.