AV-PBSS605/705 (S/D/TQ)




  • Double station machine, full automatically, suitable for producing high-production runs of medium size bottles, ex. Cosmetic bottles, detergents,etc.
  • Mold-platen moves properly with high stability and high efficiency.
  • This series is designed to meet high production and small size container requirements. Available to equip with auto de-flashing device and take out robot to achieve fully automatic and highly efficient production.
  • 10″ TFT colorful LCD screen with human-machine interface control system. It provides powerful functions, convenient and user-friendly operation


Model Product Capacity Product Dia. Screw Dia. Max. Die Mouth Dia. Mould Center Distance
AV-PBSS-605S 80-1000cc 30-100mm 65mm 55mm -
AV-PBSS-605D 50-500cc 20-80mm 65mm 40mm 100mm
AV-PBSS-605T 30-200cc 15-65mm 65mm 35mm 85mm
AV-PBSS-605Q 10-100cc 8-30mm 65mm 25mm 75mm
AV-PBSS-705S 450-2500cc 45-150mm 75mm 80mm -
AV-PBSS-705D 200-1000cc 30-100mm 75mm 50mm 120mm
AV-PBSS-705T 50-500cc 20-80mm 75mm 40mm 100mm
AV-PBSS-705Q 30-200cc 15-65mm 75mm 35mm 85mm
  • Specifications subject to change without notice.