• This series of machine is equipped with a standard accumulator head.
  • Specially ideal for producing picnic tables, tool boxes, toys, automotive duct, L-ring drums and stacking chemical drums up to 220 liters.
  • Robot.
  • Double hydraulic cylinder product ejecting device: suitable for producing picninc tables and tool boxes.
  • Moog 100 and 400 points parison control.
Model  Product Max. Capacity Screw Dia. Die Head Capacity Clamping Force Hydraulic Drive Motor
AV-PBI-805X 25 Liter 75mm 3Kg 40 Ton 40 HP
AV-PBI-905X 40 Liter 75mm|90mm 5Kg|8Kg 46 Ton 40 HP
AV-PBI-1005X 100 Liter 90mm|100mm 8Kg|12Kg 100 Ton 50 HP
AV-PBI-1105X 150 Liter 100mm|115mm 12Kg|16Kg 125 Ton 60 HP
AV-PBI-1205X 220 Liter 115mm|125mm 16Kg|20Kg 160 Ton 75 HP
AV-PBI-1305X 1500 Liter 135mm 35Kg|50Kg 230 Ton 100+7.5 HP
  • Specifications subject to change without notice.