SR220P, SR400

Semi-Automatic Patch Handle Making Machine/Semi-Automatic Soft Loop Handle Making Machine



  • Human-Machine Interface(HMI) operates whole system by auto & manual modes with monitoring and displaying as well as counting & timing programmable controller.
  • Sealing and punching can be done in one process, which simplifies operation, reduces error & increases productive performance.
  • Dual-adjustable temperature controller for sealing at separately up & down positions. Sealing pressure is also individually adjustable at both sides. The machine is suitable for HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE film.
  • Unique vacuum bag opening device which owns adjustable strength for only taking minor 0.25MPa pressure to generate powerful opening ability which only needs 0.6~1 second to finish the whole process from opening until sealing.
  • Sealing marker attached on working table, X and Y axis are adjustable, it only takes 3 seconds to finishe size adjustment.


Model Width Max. Length Thickness S.L. Width S.L. Length S.L. Thickness Power Speed
SR400 250~600mm 700mm 0.05~0.2mm 30mm 360mm 0.18~0.25mm AC220V 20PCS/min
  • Specifications subject to change without notice.